The Verizon Store Guide

The Verizon Store Guide turns your smartphone into a useful shopping tool. It seamlessly feeds contextual, personalized information in an intelligent and non-intrusive way while you shop. The Store Guide knows where a customer is in-store which helps users learn more about the accessories right in front of them through fixture-specific iBeacons. 

The app also knows their device’s brand, apps they use, the music they like etc. So the accessories they see aren’t just location specific — they’re also the ones compatible with their device. As a complete experience, the Store Guide also lets users scan and purchase an accessory with their phone anywhere in the store.

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Fixture specific iBeacons, create micro-locations in store, that trigger and then provide customers with the right contextual information over WiFi to help in their purchase decision. iBeacons with higher frequency and short throw distance create smaller trigger areas in-store.