Verizon Brand Refresh

Verizon, the largest wireless communications provider in the U.S., partnered with us to build a better, simpler digital strategy for It was a massive undertaking and overhaul of 2000+ non responsive web pages.

The challenge came in three parts, first was to create new assets based on Verizon’s brand new identity that was still very new and not yet defined. Second was to make the entire site 100% accessible to meet AAA standards. Last but not least, restructuring of content and refreshing the experience within their existing grid structures.

So far, phase one has been completed under 6 months, to complement the new brand launch on a timely manner. We’ve developed responsive layouts, coherent layout structures, and a well thought out fool-proof style guide to help the verizon team for implementations.

Long way to go: Phase 2 and 3 to roll out in the near future.

Role: Design, Asset Generation, Brand master / URL: /