It's pronounced "mĕ'lee'kĕ" and it was given to me on my birthday in Fethiye, Turkey. Fifteen years later I got pretty lucky and was picked out of nearly six million people to get a chance to live here in the states, and here I am living in Brooklyn, New York.

At heart, I'm a traditional graphic designer always working to incorporate the best design and technology into my work. I work best when paired with an eclectic group of people who care a lot about the overall creative strategy. On a personal level, I'm a firm believer of common sense, a user of public transportation and a lover of old buildings and miniature things. My inspiration for my work comes from anywhere, but if it's online, I got it saved here. I also like Tumblr, so if you're into that sort of thing you should check out let these be the things I like page that I try to maintain. But If you're more of a Dribbble person, lucky for you, I just started one called me____like the other day. If you simply wanted to just contact me, try,find me on linkedin or WorkingNotWorking.