A complete branding of a German descent electro-pop band, Hundertwasser. Sounds they make/play creates a cryptic yet a very joyful presence and the rhythm of their music is so lively that it can literally balance light and dark. Branding of the band was directed towards their World Tour: Regentag, which means a “rainy day” in German

Experimental typography was used to emphasize the music they produce, but mainly to support the theme of their tour. The final materials consisted of thirteen concept driven posters of all sizes, T-shirts, buttons, flyers, stickers, noise makers, the VIP admission package containing tickets, and an introductory motion piece for their stage openings.

Role: Art Direction, Concept, Design / Tags: Concept /

After the treatment on type has been established, each letter has been assigned a meaning to create the tour posters. Each letter is a single poster, adding to a total of thirteen posters. Letters stand either for continents or cities that the band will visit in their World Tour. The scale of each letter is designed around a hierarchy of information they contain. You may see the whole thirteen letters making up one giant poster, or most likely, you will see one letter being put around in that particular city the letter indicates to advertise the World Tour.

If the band will not be playing any shows in your city, then you are most likely to see advertisements for other cities near you that they will play.

This is THUNDERTUBE, a noise maker. It's a fantastic tool that's made out of a tube and a string that makes a loud Ga-Booooiiiiiinnngggg! sound as you shake it. It sounds a lot like Hundertwasser sometimes. The purpose of this merchandise is to replace clapping after a performance.

When it came to designing T-shirts, the main objective was to create an interaction between the fans while encouraging the individuals, who normally wouldn't, to become more active on the dance floor and honor the theme of Regentag. The final designed T-shirts create a story without having you to explain, but requires you to participate and work for it. As these shirts bring integrity to you and your music, you will no longer be a "sweaty dude" walking around, but a true Hundertwasser fan.

This is the VIP admission box. It includes your seating chart, your ticket, information booklet about the show and a list of every other location Hundertwasser will play during their World Tour.

How it's made: nailpolish and baby oil.