Centurion is AMEX's invitation only Black Card. One of the core truths about the Centurion brand is the unparalleled level of personal service it affords its members; always being at a higher level of customization, intelligence and relevance than other brands.

To bring this truth to life, the goal was to create custom invitations and welcome experiences that are personally written, created and delivered later by a Centurion concierge. At the end, our approach to the Invitation and Welcome Kit was a simple one: communicate the aura of Centurion class in a way befitting of the brand. Simply. Under–stated. And without ever having to sell itself.

Role: Art Direction, Design / Tags: Concept /

Once unwrapped, the fine packaging reveals a black leather-bound folio with only the members initials monogramed on the outside. Accompanying this folio is another handwritten note from their personal Centurion Concierge.

When opened, the folio reveals itself to be a handcrafted presentation piece for the new member’s new Card. As the cover is pulled open, a series of folds are put in motion that effortlessly elevate the Centurion Card, presenting it to its new holder in a manner worthy of Centurion Class.

In addition to housing the Card, the side panels of the portfolio uniquely house the benefits book and other accompanying information – accessible by simply pulling them down and out of their designated slots.

Made from black high-grade leather with a polished shine, because the benefits guide is purposefully void of any exterior identification. It relies on its allure to demand attention and peak the member’s curiosity as to what’s inside.

Inside the guide, tabs of heavy cardstock are used to separate and visually distinguish the different benefit sections. On each tab is alluring photography that visually introduces and reinforces the benefits being shared in that section.