Aetna: Timeline

In an environment crowded with opinions, along with the healthcare reform to come along, people are looking for control, support, easy access and dependability when it comes to choosing their health care insurer. In this new business presentation we've created, we tried to push Aetna from being an insurance carrier to a health solutions company. 

The concept was to create and treat member pages as dashboards. It was about creating a useful tool to help people manage their health and a "Timeline" to see their own health history— or as a parent, option to have access to their child's records. Along with alerts and reminders for upcoming doctor visits, there would be added benefits for gym check-ins and activities that keep us healthy. And with increased consumer engagement, we would be empowering users to live healthier lives.

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You can easily access all your health history through your Timeline.

You can select individual months and review your spendings, prescriptions, doctor visits or reports. You can also filter and only see the information you want to review.